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Control Cables Guide: What They Are and How To Choose Them

Friday, July 15, 2021
A control cable is made from mechanical cable, or wire rope, which is typically constructed with galvanized steel, stainless steel or other alloys. Control cables are an assembly or system of cables and components, such as a ball and shank fitting, where there is an input or action that causes an output or outcome.

3 Ways Push-Pull Assemblies Benefit from a Cable Casing

Monday, December 15, 2019
A push-pull assembly is used to translate movement - typically gradiently. Read this blog to learn about the three main ways cable casing helps push-pull assemblies.

Design Considerations For A Push Pull Control Assembly

Tuesday, July 15, 2019
These are the four design elements to keep in mind when selecting a manufacturer for your customized push pull control assembly.