Mechanical Cable Manufacturing

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Automation Engineering in Mechanical Cable Manufacturing

Friday, June 3, 2021
At Carl Stahl Sava Industries, it’s not uncommon for our engineers to produce not just custom mechanical cable, but rather, also custom fittings, tooling and even machines developed to perform a complex manufacturing process.

Why you Should Consider Prototype Cable Assemblies

Friday, April 15, 2021
Mechanical cable assemblies are commonly made to order. But how one goes about applying fittings to a cable is part of the exercise of producing custom mechanical cable assemblies.

Why You Need A Problem-Solving Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Sunday, December 28, 2019
Read this blog to learn why a problem-solving cable assembly manufacturer is obligatory.

Incorporating Quality From the Start

Wednesday, November 19, 2019
Honoring ISO 9001:2015 standards means quality is built-in to every stage of Sava’s engineering, production and manufacturing processes. Learn more about how we honor quality here.

The Value of Speed in Manufacturing

Friday, November 7, 2019
At Sava, we know the important role speed plays in manufacturing. Read here to learn more on how our efficient process works.