Mechanical Cable Testing

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Cable Stretch: Constructional v. Elastic Stretch in Wire Rope

Monday, January 9, 2023

Every day we encounter stretchy material, like rubber bands or balloons. But did you know that even metal materials, like springs, can stretch? Such is the case with mechanical cable. Mechanical cable, also known as wire rope, is made of metal wires. Wire counts can be as few as two and as many as several hundred. The wire count, combined with the material and a host of other factors, informs the presence of cable stretch immediately upon manufacturing, straight on through the cable’s entire lifespan.

Pre-stretching and Proof Loading

Friday, April 29, 2021
Applications that utilize mechanical cables and cable assemblies cannot afford to fail when deployed in the field. That is why pre-stretching and proof loading is dire. Read this blog to learn how the engineers at Sava proof load mechanical cable assemblies.