BP Series Pulley, Black Delrin

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Item #: 100692
SKU: 100692
Bore Diameter (in.): 0.254
Outer Groove Diameter (in.): 1.225
Inner Groove Radius (in.): 0.095
Groove Width In: NA
Outside Diameter (in.): 1.575
Thickness (in.): 0.33
Part: BP4122
Mating Cable Diameter (maximum, in.): 0.188
Mating Cable Diameter (minimum, in.): 0
Cable Type: Standard
Cable Material: Delrin
BP Series pulleys are made of Delrin. The chemical composition and the highly crystalline molecular structure of Delrin is the key to these pulleys physical properties. The high mechanical tensile strength and rigidity, natural lubricity, high resistance to moisture, gasoline, oil, UV impact, and neutral chemicals makes these pulleys highly durable. Moreover, high resistance against deformation due to heat impacts (up to 230° F) and good electrical insulating are further characteristics.

This product has a minimum quantity of 5