CP Series Bracket Pulley, Plated Steel, Eye Mount

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Item #: 104451
SKU: 104451
Inner Groove Radius (in.): 0.125
Groove Width In: 0.125
Outside Diameter (in.): 1.75
Thickness (in.): 0.437
Bracket Material: Plated Steel
Bracket Style: Eye Mount
Load Rating: 290
Bearing Thickness In: 0.500
Bore Condition: Ball Bearing Sealed
Part: CPS6125
Mating Cable Diameter (maximum, in.): 0.25
Mating Cable Diameter (minimum, in.): 0
Cable Type: Bracket
Cable Material: Plated Steel
Our quality bracket systems are designed to support your processes. Available in different bracket and pulley sizes, they can be top, side or eye mounted. The maximum safe working load is determined by the end user. We generally advise a 3:1 safety factor at least (exclusive of any shock load). For large volumes, specially designed, customized brackets can be manufactured.

This product has a minimum quantity of 5