CP Series Pulley, Plated Steel, Ball Bearing

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Item #: 100724
SKU: 100724
Bore Diameter (in.): 0.25
Outer Groove Diameter (in.): 0.875
Inner Groove Radius (in.): 0.095
Groove Width In: 0.095
Outside Diameter (in.): 1.25
Thickness (in.): 0.375
Load Rating: 175
Bearing Thickness In: 0.437
Bore Condition: Ball Bearing
Part: CP4088
Mating Cable Diameter (maximum, in.): 0.188
Mating Cable Diameter (minimum, in.): 0
Cable Type: Standard
Cable Material: Plated Steel

Zinc plated steel pulleys are an economical line of ball-bearing pulleys offered in our wire rope pulley catalogue designed for use with small cables. High-quality precision steel pulley ball-bearings, case hardened steel races, machined raceways, heat resistance and light lubrication are the main features of this mount pulleySava is an industry leading steel ball-bearing pulley supplier.

Pulley diameters and other specs on these ball-bearing cable pulleys are listed above. 

This product has a minimum quantity of 5