Galvanized Steel Thimble, Mil Spec

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Item #: 106033
SKU: 106033
Opening Diameter, A (in.): 1.125
Opening Length, B (in.): 2.125
Overlap Dimension, C (in.): NA
Groove Width, D (in.): 0.5
Wall Thickness, E (in.): NA
Groove Depth, F (in.): NA
Part: FFT276B
Cable Grade: Mil Spec
Fitting: Thimble
Fitting Length, L (in.): NA
Cable Material: Galvanized Steel
Mating Cable Maximum Diameter (IN.): 0.125
Mating Cable Minimum Diameter (IN.): 0.125
Thimbles are used with loop sleeves or malleable wire rope clips to protect the cable from abrasion. They help to distribute the load on the cable over a larger area, thereby increasing the life of the cable.

This product has a minimum quantity of 25