Cable Assemblies for the Most Demanding Surgical Robots, Wearables, Exoskeletons and Other Robotics Applications

If you are producing products meant for surgical robots, along with products that support the human musculoskeletal movement or increase efficiency in surgical procedures, logistics or other weight mitigation applications, you are visiting the right manufacturer.

Sava’s engineers have been guiding the design, development, and innovation of some of the world’s foremost experts in the wearable, surgical robotics, and exoskeleton markets. The global makers of the devices that power these revolutionary industries all trust Sava's custom robotics cable and wire, to ensure they remain bleeding-edge and perpetually ahead of the fierce and growing body of competitors comprising such exciting and burgeoning spaces.

wearable robots, exoskeletal and surgical robotics deviceswearable robots, exoskeletal and surgical robotics devices

Your wearable robots, exoskeletal and surgical robotics devices represent an extraordinary investment in making the world a healthier, safer and more efficient place to function. Risking so much with a manufacturing partner unproven in such demanding industries often means savings now, but costs later.

When you cannot afford quality problems once production is underway, choose Carl Stahl Sava Industries. Sava doesn’t fail its customers, for five, 10, or even over 40 years since our partnerships began. And because quality issues only get more costly later on down the production history, Sava assures all its exoskeleton and robotics customers that the millionth piece is identical to the very first produced.

Robotics are being used around the world in the most advanced forms of minimally invasive surgery, making medical procedures more flexible, precise and safer than ever. Robotics are used by the largest big-box retailers on earth to make shipping and logistical tasks easier, quicker and more reliable to perform.

What’s more, exoskeletons assist professionals that routinely suspend their arms above their shoulders, and use their backs or legs in excess, paving the way for fewer on-the-job injuries and less fatigue and soft tissue degeneration. Best of all, exoskeletons and occupational and surgical robotics are supporting and even restoring movement to a wide array of people and professionals throughout the globe.

Medical Robotics Markets Expertise


Robotic surgery, also known as robot-assisted surgery, essentially gives surgeons the physical capability to perform complex surgical procedures with finer precision, maneuverability and with a dramatic increase in control. Sava has over 50 years of experience developing flexible, flame retardant control cable assemblies for such cutting-edge surgical instruments and devices.


Sava continues to enjoy success serving the incredible growth of the exoskeletal and wearable medical robotics markets. Being instrumental in developing wearable and surgical technology that reduces injuries at work, improves surgical outcomes and restores motion to those with prior musculoskeletal limitations remains a source of great pride to our entire organization.


The logistical robotics space is an exciting market to Sava because it continues to usher in dramatic improvements to how fulfillment, retail and warehousing organizations serve global markets. Sava’s deep history of helping keep the wheels of commerce rolling along means you’re working with a partner that knows what’s at stake.


Aerospace and defense are markets Sava’s rich history, in part, has been built upon. With the increase in wearable technologies meant to make job and equipment performance more efficient, and require less physical demand - and even reduce human costs - it’s no wonder Sava continues a proud tradition of serving these two vital markets globally.