MP Series Pulley, Nylon, Bronze Bushing

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Item #: 101051
SKU: 101051
Bore Diameter (in.): 0.252
Outer Groove Diameter (in.): 1.063
Inner Groove Radius (in.): 0.035
Groove Width In: NA
Outside Diameter (in.): 1.25
Thickness (in.): 0.219
Load Rating: 90
Bearing Thickness In: 0.250
Bore Condition: Bronze Bushing
Part: MP4106
Mating Cable Diameter (maximum, in.): 0.063
Mating Cable Diameter (minimum, in.): 0
Cable Type: Standard
Cable Material: Nylon
MP Series nylon pulleys offers an oil-impregnated bushing of porous, sintered, self-lubricating bronze. This vacuum impregnated oil, equivalent to SAE 30, supplements the pure bronze structure and forms a hydraulic cushion which absorbs unusual shock and permits the bushing to carry heavier loads than the SP or UP series pulleys. This nylon pulley is also highly corrosion and wear resistant.

This product has a minimum quantity of 5