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Self-Coiling Cables for Security Applications

SAVA’s self-coiling cables are manufactured from high tensile, aircraft grade steel cable. A vinyl coating is extruded to form a secure bond into the interstices of the cable wires. The coating gives the cable a soft, clean finish which protects the area of use. The cut-through resistance is determined by the size and construction of the inner steel cable. For example, a 3/16 7x7 construction with a vinyl coating to 1/4˝ is extremely difficult to cut through with a hack saw. A very large bolt cutter would be necessary. Self-Coiling Cables Self-Coiling Cables
Other features are:
• Compact, stores easily
• Returns to original shape
• Clean
• Strengths – 500-5000 lbs.
• Lengths can be varied
• Colored vinyl available on special order
Self-Coiling Cables Self-Coiling Cables