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Prolonging Cable Life

Nylon coated miniature stainless steel cables; P/N 2018SN through P/N 2065SN are impregnated with our specially formulated lubricant which results in substantially improved fatigue life. For other lubricated cables, please consult with our sales office.

The coating of cables with nylon, vinyl, FEP, or other plastics offers a number of advantages. The plastic protects the wire from abrasion and chemical attack. It seals in the lubrication and seals out moisture, dirt, and grit. It cushions the cable from shock and pressure, protects pulleys from abrasion, and is easy to clean. Generally, in fatigue applications, using nylon, working life is increased 300% to 1000%.

To arrive at the working load of a cable, the normal load as well as additional stresses caused by acceleration, shock, and bending must be considered. A safety factor should be applied, taking into consideration both the cost and the dangers which could result from failure. Where cable is stationary, a factor of 3 1⁄2 is usually safe. In a hoisting application, the factor could be as high as 8 or 12 under special conditions. However, additional testing is highly recommended, with final decision and acceptance by the customer.

For applications requiring increased wear resistance and lower friction in a given size cable, particularly push-pull types, swaging provides a good answer. The average diameter decrease by swaging without appreciable loss in performance is approximately 10%. In swaging, the outer wires are flattened to provide greater wear area and smoother surface. The breaking-strength-to-cable-diameter ratio remains constant, without appreciable loss of flexibility.

Our stranding equipment is available for manufacture of cables using your material or a material of your specifications. We have successfully manufactured cables from very unusual materials, some of which were also plastic coated.

SAVA’s modern extrusion equipment and expertise lend themselves very well to extruding other plastic materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, polyurethane, and many types of nylon. Also, we will be pleased to quote on coating more than one cable in a common jacket in either a flat or round shape. Colored plastic is possible in most plastics. Many of the cables are available in black nylon or vinyl coating.

Electric cutting of uncoated cable is a process by which the ends of the cable are fused (sealed) to prevent fraying and to allow easy application of a fitting. It is particularly desirable to specify electric cutting where only one end of an assembly has a fitting. SAVA is equipped with automatic electric cutting machinery which is also available to cut your bulk cable to desired lengths. Unless you are similarly equipped, you will find this service particularly advantageous.