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Mechanical Cable, Mechanical Cable Assemblies,
Small Cable Assemblies (Wire Rope Assemblies)

The following procedure offers a checklist on the information needed for SAVA to quote on your mechanical cable assembly. Please complete as much information as possible. If in doubt contact the factory for any cable assembly or small cable assembly design assistance.

Typical Cable Assembly Layout
Typical Cable Assembly Layout

The following information is required:
A is the cable part number from the catalog.
B identify the fittings. Remember, the least expensive fitting by far is the eye, followed in order of least cost by the ball end or straight plug, ball, threaded plug, ball and shank, loop and MS terminals.
C for length, refer to fitting diagrams in the catalog to see where the standard measuring point is.
D is length tolerance. Remember, close tolerances add to cost. Click here for tolerance recommendations.
E be sure to specify the strength requirements. Some fittings, such as the ball, do not provide full strength and these are noted in the catalog. Also, specifying less than full strength of the fitting will frequently result in lower pricing. For example, if you select a cable with a breaking strength of 480 lbs., have a load of 50 lbs. with a safety factor of 6-1, then a 300 lb. minimum cable assembly strength would be sufficient.
Other information:
1. If a center fitting is required, the same principles apply.
2. If a loop fitting is required, be sure to list the P and D dimensions as shown on here. Be sure to add tolerances.
3. If 100% prestressing or prooftesting is required, please specify.
4 Full dimensions and strengths of special fittings must be given.