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Sales Policy and Terms

FITTINGS - Most cable fittings shown in this catalog are available in prototype packages of 25 pieces for those who wish to make their own initial assemblies. However, many require special tooling which is expensive to develop. We recommend that you ask SAVA to quote you on your requirements.

PULLEYS - Pulleys are available from stock. Some are sold in prototype packages.

CABLE - Most cables shown are in stock and are sold in minimum quantities of 250 feet. Some cables are made to order since the demand is infrequent. For cables made to order, the minimum order quantity is normally 1000 feet and SAVA will ship the yield of the manufacturing run.


All products sold by Carl Stahl SAVA Industries, Inc. are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. Any item found to be defective will be replaced or an adjustment made provided that we are notified promptly upon receipt. An item is considered defective only if it fails to meet specifications set forth in the purchaser's Purchase Order or other specifications published by the Company. We reserve the right to request that an item be returned to us for examination; we are not responsible for any labor or other charges incurred in replacement of any item. In no event shall our liability for any defective product exceed its replacement cost to us. THE COMPANY EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR THE PERFORMANCE OF ANY PRODUCT INTO WHICH THE COMPANIES PRODUCTS ARE INTEGRATED OR ASSEMBLED AND PURCHASER AGREES TO HOLD THE COMPANY HARMLESS AGAINST ANY SUCH LIABILITY. THE COMPANY MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THE COMPANY SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTLY OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES.

CREDIT AND PAYMENT TERMS - Net 30 payment terms will be extended to firms with a satisfactory commercial rating through Dun & Bradstreet. To avoid delay in servicing an order, we will ship COD when proper credit information is not available. Unless other noted, prices are quoted FOB shipping point.

MINIMUM BILLING - $250.00 for all domestic and non-domestic orders


RETURNED MERCHANDISE - All material that is not the subject of a request for return authorization within thirty (30) days of shipment, shall be deemed accepted by the customer. Credit will not be issued for items returned without prior authorization. Contact Sava's Sales Associate for a return material authorization (RMA) number. All returned catalog items must be in new condition and are subject to a 20% handling charge. Note, items manufactured to customer's specifications (including cable assemblies, tools and cutters) are not returnable.

TOOLS AND CUTTERS - Are not returnable.

SPECIFICATIONS - The dimensions, weights, lengths, strengths, and other specifications shown in this catalog are for reference only and subject to variation within reasonable tolerances and subject to change without notice.

ACCEPTANCE OF ORDERS - All orders are subject to acceptance by our home office. We are not responsible for delays or nonfulfillment due to riot, fire, floods, strikes or other causes beyond our control. Prices are based on costs and conditions existing on the date of quotation and are subject to change by the seller before final acceptance by seller. Unless otherwise agreed upon, purchaser agrees to accept and pay for quantities +-5% of the total quantity ordered. Quoted delivery is subject to prior sales and circumstances beyond our control.

BLANKET ORDERS - A blanket order is a firm contract for acceptance of the total quantity ordered, to be delivered over time. All blanket orders are to be shipped complete and accepted within one year of the date of the order. In the event that the complete order is not accepted by purchaser within one year, the price may revert to that for the quantity taken and the purchaser will be responsible for the difference, along with cancellation charges and charges for material and work in process and/or in final inventory.

Expect SAVA Industries, Inc. to exceed your total expectations for Service, Delivery, Value, and Quality! Discuss your mechanical cable application or SAVA’s additional capabilities, variations of standard items, and other special products not listed in our Design Guide with our Sales Representative in your area or contact us directly at 973-835-0882, fax us your cable requirements at 973-835-0877 or e-mail us at

CERTIFICATIONS - Unless specified on the quotation, prices do not include the preparation of certifications or any other documentation that may be required by purchaser. Please contact factory, as additional fees may apply.

OUR PRIVACY POLICY - Carl Stahl Sava Industries, Inc. respects your right to privacy and we do not sell or rent any of your company or personal information to any third parties.