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Cable Fittings

Cable Fittings
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Fittings Overview
Mechanical Cable Fittings - Eye (Eyelet)
Mechanical Cable Fittings - Threaded Plug, Ball-End Plug, Straight Plug
Mechanical Cable Fittings - Ball, Ball and Shank,
Strap Fork, Strap Eye
Mechanical Cable Fittings - Loop Sleeve, Stop Sleeve,
Loop Crimps, Wire Rope Clip
Turnbuckle Fittings
Hook Fittings
SAVA’s miniature to small cable fittings are designed to be RELIABLE, PRECISE, EFFICIENT, and ECONOMICAL. These fittings were planned for use with SAVA’s miniature and small cable. However, they can be applied to other cables which fall into the same size range. The combination of our miniature cable and fittings gives engineers a precise, economical, and reliable operating mechanism which can be the ideal solution to space problems. SAVA’s precision-designed dies and modern equipment are used to manufacture cable assemblies. However, we offer most of these fittings loose and some can be crimped with pliers, vise, etc., for prototype applications. Although it can be an unreliable method of attaching, it is frequently convenient and necessary. We offer our prototype package primarily for this purpose.
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