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Cable Manufacturer and Supplier Markets ServedCable Manufacturer and Supplier Markets Served

A Proven Cable Manufacturer and Supplier That Meets Complex Market Needs

Leveraging Sava Expertise to Power Your Industry

Carl Stahl Sava Industries is a premier, global small, miniature and ultrafine mechanical cable manufacturer with over 50 years of experience creating the custom cable assemblies and prefabricated cable products and accessories the world trusts daily.

For decades, Sava has been known around the world as a time-tested cable supplier in the medical devices and industrial markets, along with a wide array of other competitive industries. But as your demands have evolved, so have our capabilities. Our cable customers often require custom assemblies designed from scratch and meant to support precise, often surgical-mechanical movement and thus demand adherence to unbending product standards.

Sava has always met the complex demands of our customers, and in so doing, have positioned ourselves among the most dependable cable manufacturing partners in the world.

Today, Sava's customers represent a diverse and growing global manufacturing family of organizations, all competing in extremely aggressive spaces. Sava is proud to share with you that our products are in use around the world — across air, land, sea, space and even in your body. Learn more about the various markets Sava serves below.

Markets We Serve


From miniature and ultrafine cables for surgical robots, to exoskeletal and endoscopic medical devices, Sava delivers on the most rigid medical compliance requirements. Additionally, we have expertise in ultrasonic cleaning, vapor degreasing, custom packaging, along with long-term document retention and other mission-critical services vital to medical devices markets.


Organizations around the world that work in the industrial sector trust Carl Stahl Sava Industries as their exclusive cable supplier. Sava is ISO 9001:2015, FDA and ITAR certified and will take your concept from drawing to fully-realized, go-to-market products.


Sava understands the unique needs of your electromechanical applications. Our cable assemblies are RoHS and REACH-compliant, and our capabilities extend to the creation of state-of-the-art products for robotics devices.


Sava partners with some of the biggest and best-known aerospace and defense organizations and corporations in the world, and have provided them all with ground-breaking custom cable assemblies, mil-spec cables, fittings and more. Additionally, Sava provides first article inspection reports using the AS9102 format and are compliant with DFAR practices.


Sava’s products are found in jewelry, and that is only one of the unique ways we meet the consumer industry’s diverse needs. Sava offers a suite of products for the consumer goods market. Our team works quickly to deliver prompt service, while ensuring products remain compliant with international safety standards.

Other Key Markets

Sava's capabilities aren’t limited to the markets mentioned here. In fact, we provide products for applications across numerous industries, such as automotive, dental, sporting goods, boating, fitness and more. Get in touch with us today to discuss your unique application requirements.

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