A Trusted Galvanized Steel Mechanical Cable Supplier

Galvanized steel cable is an effective and low-cost alternative to stainless steels or other higher-priced alloys and wire rope materials. The “Workman” wire rope of cable materials, galvanized steel cable offers higher tensile strengths solutions for the majority of industrial applications. Where looks and aesthetics are less important, yet functionality and dependability are critical, galvanized steel wire rope is tough to top.

This reliable cable material is available in a wide variety of diameters and constructions, and has enjoyed a time-tested career in most critical load-bearing applications for nearly a century.

Common Galvanized Steel Cable Applications

Carl Stahl Sava Industries has manufactured galvanized steel wire rope used in gantry lifting, guy wires, signage, fencing for farming, tractor equipment and many other motion control systems where strength is critical.

What makes galvanized steel cable material so ideal for such down-and-dirty applications is the low price-point, matched with its proven ability to just do the job. So, if a major commercial farm needs to coral live stock, or a lighting maker needs to support weight, or even an energy company needs to install high-tension towers, galvanized steel wire rope is almost certainly the right choice.

Sava's Galvanized Steel Cable Constructions

Sava has been making galvanized steel cable since our modest begnnings 50 years ago. Check out our line of constructions offerings. Also, visit our over-the-counter galvanized cable products for speedier turnaround.


19 wires, is stiff and common in signage, lanyards and guy wires.


49 wires, is medium flexible and common in industrial acutators and linkages.


133 wires, is flexible and common in counterbalancing and pulley applications.