Mechanical Cable Made From Exotic MaterialsMechanical Cable Made From Exotic Materials

Mechanical Cable Made From Exotic Materials

Although Carl Stahl Sava Industries is known for producing the world’s tungsten, stainless steel and galvanized steel mechanical cable, exotic wire rope materials remain a less common, yet critical member of our family of cable offerings. Nitinol, titanium, Vitallium®, Inconel® and Molybdenum round out Sava’s compliment of specialty mechanical cable materials.

So, whether your application requires memory alloy, extreme tolerance to heat, flexibility, or millions of cycles, chances are excellent that Carl Stahl Sava Industries has stranded the wire rope from the materials you need.

Nitinol Mechanical Cable

A metal alloy comprised of nickel and titanium, Nitinol possesses unique behavioral characteristics, which include shape memory and superelasticity. In the former, nitinol “remembers” its originally manufactured shape, no matter how it is manipulated. However, when heated, Nitinol will return to its original shape - thus Nitinol’s shape memory behavior. In the latter, its superelasticity allows Nitinol to be flexed and shaped repeatedly, as an application demands, while never departing from its ability to return to its previous configuration. Nitinol is an ideal wire rope material where shape reformation is vital, such as markets like dentistry, surgery, catheters and stents.

Vitallium® Mechanical Cable

Used often in human implantable mechanical devices, Vitallium® cables anchor artificial joints, such as knees and hips. Sava has been producing such cables for over 30 years and proudly restores body function to a world of people, young and old, who have lost mobility to critical joints due to age or even severe injury.

Inconel® Mechanical Cable

Inconel® is a superalloy known for its excellent corrosion resistance, which is far superior to 300-series stainless steel. Due to its imperviousness to severely corrosive environments, such as those present in the making of natural gas production, Inconel® is wildly popular in such markets. In Inconel® mechanical cable, the wire rope must tolerate sometimes years of continued exposure to these unforgiving chemicals, thus making Inconel® an ideal choice.

Molybdenum Mechanical Cable

 A refractory metal, Sava strands Molybdenum wire rope in various constructions for high-temperature applications. At 4,753 degrees Fahrenheit, Molybdenum has the second-highest melting temperature of any metal, behind only tungsten. Its tolerance for heat makes it ideal in the manufacture of electrical filaments found in heaters and automobile headlights.

Mechanical Cable Made As Required Every Time.

For five decades Sava has been ensuring customers from around the world that the mechanical cables you use to actuate motion in your innovations performs as expected, every single time. Contact our engineering team when you’re ready to build the world’s next big idea.