A World-Class Manufacturer of Mechanical Cable and Wire Rope

Explore Sava's Galvanized, Stainless Steel, and Tungsten Mechanical Cable from an ISO 9001:2015-Certified Cable Manufacturer

Mechanical cable and wire rope are invariably installed inside complex, most often mission-critical, motion, lifting, and holding systems. Whether supporting a MedTech, aerospace, industrial, or mil-spec application, you cannot afford your mechanical cable and fittings to fail when in the field. As a matter of fact, you require cables and cable assemblies that are of the most reliable quality and adhere to stringent quality assurance standards. Expect nothing less when you work with Carl Stahl Sava Industries for any of your tungsten, nitinol, galvanized, or stainless steel cable needs. Sava is an organization with decades of expertise in manufacturing cables and creating custom assemblies the world trusts every day.

It doesn’t matter how strict your wire rope or mechanical cable manufacturing requirements are. Sava predictably achieves the most rigid tolerances, lay lengths, and cycle counts. As a mechanical cable supplier, serving organizations around the world, and across dozens of industries, Sava has manufactured cable solutions® for organizations just like yours. Whether it's a small cable pulley, a loop (or crimp) sleeve, or any other cable fitting, Sava has your mechanical cable needs met. 

All of Sava's wire rope and mechanical cable satisfy a myriad of strict breaking strengths, constructions, and other technical requirements. Sava backs its products with over 50 years of cable-making experience. Sava also produces extruded (coated) cable, in applications where bare cable is not a fit.