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Metal Stamping Services & Expertise

Companies of all sizes and requirements have turned to Carl Stahl Sava Industries for our metal stamping services and expertise. Thanks to Sava’s reliable quality, a wide range of in-house metal stamping capabilities, and our ability to custom manufacture to fit almost any evolving project need, we’ve represented a dependable partner to metal stamping customers for 50 years.

Our ISO-certified Metal Stamping Services

Although the metal stamping markets Sava serves are constantly evolving, quality and efficiency remain the core principles of our entire family of metal stamping services. Not only are we ISO 9001:2015 certified, ensuring we honor and deliver on the world’s highest quality standards, but we are also capable of stamping just about anything you require for your mechanical cable needs.

Stamped Mechanical Cable Fittings Custom Assembled

From simple stamping requests and small-volume projects to complex, multi-dimensional orders of 200,000 pieces or more, Sava has the expertise and bandwidth to fulfill almost any metal stamping project. We also can produce either basic stamped materials or finished products ready for application, such as fully manufactured mechanical cable assemblies. Often, having Sava not only produce your stamped cable fittings, but also attach them to your choice of mechanical cable, means your company realizes both production and speed-to-market savings. As a matter of fact, just ask and we’ll do all of the mechanical design work in-house, providing detailed technical drawings for customers, which sets Sava and our customers apart from competitors outsourcing their projects to less nimble alternatives.

Types of Stamping Services

Although Carl Stahl Sava Industries is capable of producing uncomplicated metal stamping cable fittings, such as simple washers to filter discs or eyelets, Sava also designs our own customizable and machine-tested die sets for progressive die stamping. Only a small sample of the products produced by Sava includes eyelets, pilot holes, screens, filters, meshes, and a variety of other stamped metal parts up to 316 tensile strength. If your project demands out-of-box thinking and expertise, you are assured Sava’s likely produced across its five decades of metal stamping services.

Stamped Mechanical Cable Fittings Custom Assembled

With our own wire EDM machines and advanced design software, Sava can create high-quality finishes without the need to rely on subcontractors for finalization. This gives Sava, and by extension our customers, a faster turnaround, more collaborative attention, and best of all, higher quality assurance systems under a single roof. Furthermore, Sava also offers heat-treating and plating services for finished stamped parts, as well as passivation to provide a full spectrum of finalized products. From safety lanyards in Target and Walmart, to critical medical and surgical devices, and aerospace and defense solutions, Sava has produced literally millions of the metal stamping products and components that power dozens of the world’s industries.

Sizes and Specific Offerings

Sava has full stamping capabilities from .001 inches up to .187 inches thick, along with tensile strength up to 316. Metal stamping product width can range up to a full six inches. In terms of maximum output, we can handle any project up to 45 tons of stamped metal parts, allowing for a wide variation in terms of size and scale to meet nearly any project needs.

Metal Stamping Materials

Offering customers a diverse array of products, produced from as varying a family of materials is a crucial component of Sava’s metal stamping services, We're proud to offer metal stamping services for an assortment of different metals, including various grades of carbon steel, stainless steel, specialty steels, copper, aluminum, brass, tungsten (chrome alloy or constantan aluminum) and many others.


In a frantically competitive and fast-paced global economy, we understand that speed is critical to every customer's business. As a matter of fact, speed-to-market is almost always among the very first points of pain incoming, new Sava customers express to us.

And as importantly, with Sava, speed never comes at the sacrifice of quality when it comes to precision metal stamping services. As some complex parts simply have longer time requirements, Sava proactively works with sourcing partners to anticipate the urgency with which you are competing. Often enough, such aggressive production planning from Sava ensures your company can compete amid markets fiercely eager to take market share from you. Since all of Sava’s operations are done in-house, the middleman is largely cut out, thus saving our clients time and money when they matter most.

Looking to balance the need for speed with our always high expectations for quality, Statistical process control (SPC) data collection provides real-time measurements that keep our metal stamping processes running smoothly and efficiently. Sava’s preventative maintenance program is also part of our proactive philosophy to ensure our machines are in top-notch order, helping keep delivery timetables, which helps build trust with our customers.

Value and Price Propositions

Among the many reasons Sava’s developed a loyal metal stamping customer base is because they know they're getting a fair price and excellent all-around value. Over 50 years in business, Sava has seen first-hand how important it is to stay on top of shifting industrial trends, and we offer a combination of experience and technical expertise that helps customers stay both on-budget and ahead of the competition.

By limiting waste and keeping process time to a minimum, Sava stays focused on the quality and value of every product we make for you.

Although Sava has built a reputation as a global leader in cable and fittings manufacturing, our metal stamping services have been a bedrock of operations since the company's founding. Contact us to learn more about how Sava can help with all of your metal-stamping needs.