If Your Application Requires Expertise in Dacron Cord, Look No Further

Choose a Reliable Cord Supplier and Custom Assembly Cord Manufacturer

From plastic caps to marine apparatus, durable cord manufacturing plays a vital role in many industries. When it comes to applications requiring a cord that is non-conductive and resistant to abrasion and ultraviolet rays, you can rely on Carl Stahl Sava Industries as your trusted cord supplier and manufacturer.

Sava supplies cord and produces high-strength custom cord assemblies made of Dacron® polyester for a range of industries. Manufacturing our products to meet the highest quality assurance standards, our braided Dacron® cord assemblies are ideal for outdoor applications and offer a low-cost, lightweight, abrasion-resistant, alternative to wire cable.

Sava is a cable supplier with the engineering and design expertise to provide customized solutions for client needs and the same is true of our cord assemblies and inventory. If you're looking to buy a Dacron cord and our line of Dacron® cord and cord assemblies doesn’t meet your requirements, Sava will transform your specifications into a custom-designed solution.

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