We Make Cable and Wire Rope Fittings that Meet the Needs of Organizations Around the World

When it comes to cable fittings, Carl Stahl Sava Industries doesn't take a one-size-fits-all approach.

The application needs of our global customers are extensive, and we meet their challenges with a large and diverse selection of cable fittings and services. Thanks to Sava’s versatility, organizations can customize and design cable assemblies with a selection that fulfills the diameter and breaking-strength requirements for nearly any application, in any industry.

Sava understands that our customers come to us to compete in fierce markets. This means that Sava must meet the evolving challenges of its customers by adapting to the fittings and assembly demands of your unique circumstances. Sava proudly adjusts to the rigors of your competitive markets by outfitting your organization with the innovative, customized products that power your customers' success.

Our Services Reflect the Variety of Applications our Fittings Support

Explore our selection of fittings and you’ll find Sava offers everything from eyelet and threaded-plug fittings, to ball-end and straight plugs. That’s because our cable fittings are designed to support virtually any application, including those involving…










Sava's capabilities also extend to military applications as well, using mil-spec cable and fittings, including — but not limited to — our MS20664 ball and shank and MS21260 threaded terminals.

Compliance Services You Can Trust

Additionally, Sava's engineering and production teams provide several services to maximize the performance of our client’s applications, save on production budget and time, and always meet important compliance requirements. We offer…

Ultrasonic Cleaning and Vapor Degreasing

If you have an application involving strictly regulated cleanliness requirements, such as is true in the medical devices industry, Sava offers ultrasonic cleaning and vapor degreasing.


For applications exposed to salt or other corrosive environments, Sava provides passivation, as well as black oxide and zinc plate with clear chromate.

Crimping and Swaging

Both crimping and swaging offer important benefits for your cable assembly, and having Sava handle these steps, promises a more efficient, one-stop approach to completing your production run. Count on Sava's team of world-class engineers and production experts to suggest the best option for your unique application.


As a cable manufacturer, we understand the complex dynamics of crimping and thus recommend annealing for clients who desire uniform crimping and less wear to crimping dies.


Whether creating custom eyelets or other specialized fittings, Sava can adapt to your project’s metal stamping requirements. Our in-house stamping expertise and operation are state-of-the-art and our stamping team possesses decades of experience.

Sava's Inventory of Fittings is Unrivaled on our Space. Talk to a Fittings Expert Today and Take Advantage of Over 50 Years of Experience in the Cable Fittings Industry.

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