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Bringing Our Cable Manufacturing Skill to the Consumer Goods Market

Carl Stahl Sava Industries produces cable assemblies found in the products we used every day. Truth is, Sava is a cable manufacturer that makes a breadth of products that meet the evolving and versatile demands of competitive consumer markets. Consumer goods manufacturers call on Sava’s engineers to produce bulk cable and fittings, miniature cable assemblies and large-diameter cable that go into the making of jewelry, display equipment, appliances, restraint devices and more.

Companies developing consumer goods have sophisticated needs and sell into extremely competitive markets. Wasted time can mean the loss of market share in the consumer space. That's why Sava is the cable assembly manufacturer depended upon when consumer goods manufacturers need to meet these unique and aggressive demands. When you provide Sava with your drawings, we’ll seamlessly collaborate with you to help you realize your product's potential. And as mentioned, Sava operates with a sensitivity to how competitive your markets are, which is why we turnaround your products quickly, allowing you a speedy go-to-market strategy. Customers needing comprehensive support, from concept to production run, will find Sava's engineering team ready to guide you from start to finish.

Partner with a Cable Manufacturer that's ISO 9001:2015 Certified

In addition to our ISO 9001:2015 certification and world-class quality assurance team, Sava follows international quality standards set by RoHS, REACH, ITAR and the FDA. As a result, we’re a cable assembly manufacturer that’s qualified to meet the needs of organizations in both in the US and abroad.

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