Carl Stahl Sava Industries Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Assemblies

Does Sava manufacture custom assemblies?

Yes. Carl Stahl Sava Industries specializes in the manufacture of custom cable assemblies for a wide range of industries, including but not limited to medical devices, industrial, electromechanical, aerospace and defense and consumer products. Take a moment to browse our markets and expertise.

Can Sava provide samples and/or prototypes?


What size cable do I need?

Depending upon your application, please consider that Carl Stahl Sava Industries offers customers a rich and detailed guide for your cable selection needs. Please take a moment to get familiar with the cables you require to satisfy your unique application circumstances.

What are the difference between 302, 304, 306 stainless steel? What type of steel does Sava primarily use for their cable and fittings?

What is the differences and reasons to choose one extruded plastic over another; ie Nylon, Vinyl and FEP?

What are the smallest and largest cable diameters Sava offers?

Can Sava extrude different coating and colors on cable?

Does Sava sell electrical cable?

Does Sava offer metric sizes/cable diameters?

Does Sava test its cable and assemblies and if so, how?

Will cable stretch and if so, how can I minimize it?

The cable frays when I cut it. How can I prevent this from happening?

What is stress relieving?

What is the minimum bending radius of a cable?

Does Sava offer tools and cutters?

Ordering and Shipping

What is the minimum order quantity and billing?

The minimum cable footage is generally 250’ and fittings are 25 pcs. Minimum billing is $250.

Is freight included in your quotation?

Do you accept credit cards and what is your policy?

Do you offer expedited delivery for cable assemblies?

How are terms established?


If I need to return material, what is the process and do I need an RMA number?

All material that is not the subject of a request for return authorization within thirty (30) days of shipment, shall be deemed accepted by the customer. Credit will not be issued for items returned without prior authorization. Contact a Sava sales associate for a return material authorization (RMA) number. All returned catalog items must be in new condition and are subject to a 20% handling charge. Note, items manufactured to customer's specifications (including cable assemblies, tools and cutters) are not returnable.

How and when will I receive my credit for returned product?

Other FAQ’s

Does Sava charge for Certifications?

A Certificate of Compliance is included with every order at no cost. Where chemical and physical certifications, and/or First Article Inspection Reporting is required, contact Sava.

Is Sava ISO Certified? How can I obtain a copy of this Certification?

Is there someone we can call to set up a meeting at our company?