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Leveraging in-house design, production and testing to manufacture cable assemblies for diverse markets around the world.

Carl Stahl Sava Industries has been a leading cable manufacturer, providing custom cable assemblies, precision miniature and small cables, fittings, pulleys and tools for the most discerning companies on earth.

While Sava’s manufacturing and product offerings are vast, we remain sensitive to the complex, evolving and demanding application requirements of our global customers. To meet the numerous and sophisticated requirements of our customers, Sava provides in-house engineering, quality, production and sales expertise that is all designed to accommodate each facet of your project and purchase needs.

Although headquartered in the US, Sava serves a global customer base for over 50 years. From medical device and aerospace makers, to industrial and consumer goods producers, Sava understands your unique manufacturing intricacies and creates products that satisfy a vast array of industries and regulatory standards, as well as global setters of quality and production standards.

Take a moment to get better acquainted with what Sava can do for you and find out what so many others have learned through the decades: that we are a world leader in the manufacturing of precision, small and miniature cable assemblies, fittings and tools.

In-house capabilities for customized wire and cable manufacturing solutions

Carl Stahl Sava Industries specializes in providing delicate, miniature cables for customers in the US and around the world, ranging from sole proprietors to Fortune 100 companies. Sava’s global presence is complemented by the wealth of industries that trust us every day, including medical devices, industrial, electronics, aerospace and consumer goods markets -- as well as many others.

Sava isn’t simply a global maker of cable, fittings and tools though. We also manufacture some of the world's most complex custom, cable assemblies and boast a deep bench of in-house engineers, stamping, quality and production experts - all of which possess decades of cable construction and application dynamics experience. Sava’s engineering team can provide strategic advice to help you reach your production goals and save you time and budget in the process. And our production and quality teams have extensive and diverse experience servicing a variety of industries that require stranding, assembly, extrusion and molding know-how.

No matter the size, construction or materials required, Sava is a wire and cable manufacturer that guarantees your finished product will conform to all of your design specifications, as well as the most rigid industry standards. Carl Stahl Sava Industries is ISO 9001:2015 certified and RoHS, REACH, ITAR and FDA registered.

Why Sava is a trusted maker of cable assemblies...

Sava’s success these almost five decades is a direct reflection not only of our status around the world as a leading cable and fittings manufacturer, but also the commitment our customers have shown Sava. Without the loyalty of the customers we serve around the world, Sava wouldn’t be here a half century later. It is due entirely to our pledge to fulfill our customers’ needs - every time they call - that has allowed Sava to succeed for so long and for so many. The investment we place every day in our quality and regulatory departments, our engineering science and corporate leadership make Carl Stahl Sava Industries the right choice for organizations that require the very best in cable assembly manufacturing.

When you need to build the best custom cable assemblies in the world and compete in fiercely competitive markets, turn to Sava.

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