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Making Stainless Steel Mechanical Cable for 50 Years and Counting

Stainless steel cable is available in a wide variety of alloys, the most common of which is 304. Others frequently used also include 302, 316 and 321 stainless steel. This cable material possesses among the most diverse market usages from surgical instruments to crash test dummies, and from signage to safety lanyards. The fact is, stainless steel mechanical cable is found literally almost everywhere you point your eyes.

Common Stainless Steel Cable Applications

Carl Stahl Sava Industries has been using stainless steel to manufacture wire rope throughout its 50 years in business. Sava has produced stainless steel cable for NASA, which is used in solar arrays and the legendary Space Shuttle. Likewise, Sava uses this reliable wire rope material in complex medical instruments used to treat Atrial fibrillation, as well as in endoscopic devices and an array of other lifesaving applications. Broadly speaking, the stainless steel cable Sava produces is found in aircraft, defense systems, lighting and even costume jewelry. While less ideal under extreme heat than tungsten cables, stainless steel anti-rotation cable is a cost-effective and well-performing alternative in the growth of semiconductor crystals.

Sava's Stainless Steel Cable Constructions

Sava offers a comprehensive line of stainless steel mechanical cable constructions. Be sure to check out our over-the-counter cable offerings as well.


7 wires, is stiff and common in endoscopic devices and surgical instrumentation.


19 wires, is stiff and also common in endoscopic devices and surgical instrumentation.


49 wires, is flexible and common in industrial applications and flexibility of limited concern.


133 wires, is flexible and common in pulley applications, change of direct and cycling. Counterbalancing.


133 wires, anti-rotational, is flexible and common in semiconductor growth and hoist mitigation.