Our Broad Support Includes Everything from Cable Cutters to Crimping Tools For Cable Fittings 

Discover how we’ve anticipated your organization’s needs

Sava Industries supports your small and self-made application needs with an array of products that include our world-class small cable cutters and industrial crimping tools for cable fittings. Although we provide cables, fittings and other important components, we’re here to support even the smallest of your project's details.

Our precision cable cutters and wire rope crimping tools reduce the likelihood cable fraying and poor structural integrity when building your cable assemblies. Even better, our tool support extends to projects involving smaller production runs and prototypes.

Providing essential tools is only one of the many ways Sava meets your diverse needs, however. If you’re encountering larger diameters, sizable production runs, or other technical challenges, Sava offers in-house engineering assistance to help guide your design goals. Watch Sava transform your concept into the products your customers depend upon!

*Please note that the strength of the fitting is the responsibility of the user of the crimping tool. Sava also recommends that any assemblies be tested before use. If you are unsure how to proceed, ask Sava about our value-added assembly services and save time and money having us handle it for you.