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Our Surgical Robotics and Medical Cable Assemblies Demonstrate our Expertise as a Medical Cable Manufacturer

Extensive Testing. Rigorous Verification. Long-Term Documentation

There is an enormous investment made by medical device manufacturers in inventing and manufacturing the next revolutionary cable-assisted surgical robot or medical device, and the right medical cable assemblies are crucial to this process. We know this as a manufacturer with over 50 years of experience making the custom medical and surgical robotics cables that power the world's most innovative surgical robots and medical devices. Since 1974, Carl Stahl Sava Industries has been working alongside the biggest pioneers in the surgical robots, as well as endoscopic and laparoscopic medical devices space. Today, five decades later, Sava proudly remains a key wire and custom cable manufacturer and medical cable assembly supplier and manufacturer, in the industry.

As a medical cable manufacturer, it's Sava's commitment to understanding the custom-designed medical device requirements, and the sophisticated application dynamics that comprise the world's vital medical devices, high-quality cable assemblies, custom solutions, and instruments and custom solutions and instruments that have kept us relevant all these years.

Yes, manufacturing capabilities, in-depth knowledge of cable construction, as well as expertise producing the world's tungsten cable and stainless steel wire rope is required to meet the needs of our medical device customers. But the team at Sava goes further than that. Sava's cabling designs adhere to the stringent quality standards and production practices that are required of a world-class custom medical and surgical robotics cable assembly manufacturer.

Trusted with building medical devices assemblies that meet the demands of physicians, surgeons and dentists, along with the agencies that regulate the industry, Sava cannot afford to make mistakes. Our team of medical device assemblies engineers has reliably met the evolving national and international standards of excellence for the successful assembly of endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical applications, lighting apparatus, X-ray equipment and many other nonsurgical devices.

Sava's ISO 9001:2015 certification and FDA registration assure that our quality assurance practices predictably meet the requirements your customers expect of you. Sava also proudly meets RoHS and REACH standards, meaning you are getting the best when you place your production needs in our hands.

In-House Innovation for your Medical Wire Rope and Mechanical Cable Assemblies

Due to our engineering team’s unique capacity to provide innovative solutions to complex project demands, many of Sava's medical device customers request the help of our in-house experts. So, even when required to work with the most exotic materials, the engineers of our medical cable assemblies are ready to help guide your design to fruition. Sava also provides industry-specific services, such as ultrasonic cleaning, vapor degreasing, cable stress relief and passivation - to name a few.

We understand the time-sensitive nature of your project's requirements when it comes to medical connectors and cables too. So, whether you need a small production run for a clinical trial of a medical cable assembly, or a large production run for single-use, disposable applications, you can rely on Sava to meet your needs in a timely, flexible and efficient manner.

Use Sava as your medical cable manufacturer to ensure compliance with your medical device requirements or contact us to request a quote. For more personalized guidance, please contact our engineering team to discuss your unique circumstances.

Work with a proven medical device assemblies manufacturer with a record of pleasing the most discerning medical device makers around the world.

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