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Carl Stahl Sava Industries is a cable manufacturer that serves a client base that stretches around the world and across dozens of industries. Given the diversity of our customers, our steel cable materials meet evolving and diverse demands and operate in working environments that range from the operating room, to the dentist’s chair, and from the air, to the sea and even outer space.

To support such a broad spectrum of wire and cable customers, Sava is a custom cable assemblies manufacturer that works within rigid and uncompromising industry-standards, and produces custom stainless steel wire rope solutions that call for a mix of both common and exotic mechanical cable titanium cable insulation materials. And because Sava provides our custom-assembled mechanical cable solutions for a myriad of applications, we have proven to possess the expertise to analyze your unique requirements and suggest the right cable materials and production plan for your needs.

Whether you need tungsten cable, nitinol or stainless steel cable or cable assemblies that offer abrasion resistance and other crucial properties, Sava is your turnkey solutions provider. We strand mechanical cables and build assemblies for surgical robots, surgical implants, exoskeletons and endoscopic devices, as well as a host of aerospace, defense and industrial robotics and other industrial cable assemblies and machinery. Sava also provides extruded (coated) mechanical cables using PVC, FEP (Teflon®), Nylon, Polyurethane, Polyethylene and Polypropylene. These coatings are commonly used in a myriad of aerospace and medical device applications as well.

Sava Works with your Material Requirements...

304 Stainless Steel Cables

Common across many industries, 304 stainless steel cables offer many beneficial properties, including corrosion resistance and strength.

Galvanized Steel Cables

This cost-effective solution will help your assemblies prevent corrosion.

Tungsten Cables

Today, particularly popular among the world's surgical robotics makers, tungten tolerates intense temperatures, extreme cycle counts, is remarkably strong, yet flexible and can be produced with ultrafine wires smaller than a single human hair.

Nitinol Cable Assemblies

We’re a cable manufacturer that offers nitinol wire —Nitinol wire cable assemblies are known for their shape and memory as well as their superelasticity.


A biocompatible alloy, this metal is a fracture-resistant material that’s commonly used in medical applications.


Able to withstand high-temperature environments and pressure, Inconel® also supports applications with corrosion and oxidation resistance.


Like cobalt chrome, this metal has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. You’ll also find titanium is beneficial for applications operating in saltwater environments.


Possessing a low coefficient of thermal expansion, molybdenum has an extremely high melting point and serves applications exposed to high temperatures.

Mylon Extruded Coating

-Sava manufactures nylon-coated cables to provide resistance to wear, abrasion and chemicals.

Vinyl Extruded Coating

Our vinyl extruded coatings are ideal for applications requiring both UV resistance and flexibility.

FEP Extruded Coating

An FEP coating offers a low coefficient of friction, chemical inertness, weather, heat resistance and more.

Polypropylene Extruded Coating

Polypropylene properties include hardness and chemical resistance for your applications.

Polyethylene Extruded Coating

This coating provides excellent moisture resistance and the option of greater flexibility for your applications.

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