Stainless Steel, Cable, Coated 1x7, Nylon, Commercial

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Item #: 103068
SKU: 103068
Part: 2011SN
Cable Grade: Commercial
Cable Type: Coated
Breaking Strength, minimum (lb): 20
Cable Diameter, nominal (in.): 0.012
Material Specification: 302/304
Cable Material: Stainless Steel
Cable Construction: 1x7
Weight per 100 feet (lb): 0.04
Coated Diameter (in.): 0.019
Coating Material: Nylon
Coated, Less flexible than the other cable constructions and used in different combinations to construct further cables and strands. The increase of cable diameter for this construction is proportional to the increase of stiffness. In smaller diameters, this strand is used extensively in endoscopic devices and other medical products.

This product has a minimum quantity of 250