Stainless Steel, Cable, Coated 7x19, Nylon, Mil Spec

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Item #: 103774
SKU: 103774
Part: S065N125
Cable Grade: Mil Spec
Cable Type: Coated
Breaking Strength, minimum (lb): 480
Cable Diameter, nominal (in.): 0.063
Material Specification: 302/304
Cable Material: Stainless Steel
Cable Construction: 7x19
Weight per 100 feet (lb): 1.18
Coated Diameter (in.): 0.125
Coating Material: Nylon
Coated, Highly flexible cable consisting of seven 1x19 strands which are aligned in a symmetrical configuration. The composition of 133 wires with a small diameter enables an exceptional combination of breaking strength and flexibility. This product is recommended for high cycle applications where flexibility and longevity are of utmost concern.

This product has a minimum quantity of 250