Stainless Steel Threaded Terminal, Mil Spec

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Item #: 101124
SKU: 101124
Handedness: Right Hand
Middle Diameter ( C): 0.195
Fitting Thickness, D (in.): 0.313
Thread Length, Y (in.): 0.625
After Swage Diameter (As): 0.25
Hole Diameter, R (in.): 0.063
Part: MS21260 S5RH
Hex Location (F): 1.282
Thread Size: 1/4-28
Cable Grade: Mil Spec
Fitting: Threaded Terminal
Fitting Length, L (in.): 3.78
Mating Cable Maximum Diameter (IN.): 0.156
Mating Cable Minimum Diameter (IN.): 0.156
Diameter, A (in.): 0.25
Threaded terminals are used to allow tightening of aircraft cable assemblies to specific tension and can also be used with Mil-spec turnbuckles 21251. Available in left or right handed thread. Threaded terminals meet Mil-spec 21259 and 21260.

This product has a minimum quantity of 5