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When it comes to your cable assemblies, manufacturing cables is only part of the bigger responsibility. The reality is that a single application may require many services, such as passivation, ultrasonic cleaning or stamping, beyond those you have already considered. Ultimately, an immersive combination of tasks goes into achieving the ideal production environment.

Carl Stahl Sava Industries understands the entire lifecycle of a production run, as well as the sometimes hundreds of mile markers that comprise a completed project. That's why Sava has invested over 50 years in perfecting custom cable assemblies and tailoring production processes and systems around the customer’s needs. 

Sava’s team of engineers, quality and production experts and sales professionals represent one of the best cables manufactures in the world. For decades, Sava has been able to anticipate and deliver the complex services needed throughout each stage of your product’s journey, from concept to fully realized innovation.

So, whether you are designing custom-tailored fittings, in need of a prototype or small production run, require stress relieving or custom packaging, Sava is prepared to meet you where you are, match your enthusiasm and apply our world-class commitment to quality and performance.

Get to Know Our Capabilities...

Stress Relieving

Stress relieving cables to keep the wires together for mechanical cutting, remove residual oil from being drawn down to smaller diameters and assist with the straightness of your cables.


Passivation provides corrosion resistance for your fittings and uncoated cable assemblies.

Stamping, Part Marking, Laser Engraving

On-premises, Sava offers stamping, park marking and laser engraving, each equipped with seasoned veterans of each area of expertise.

Prestressing and Proof Loading

Prestressing and proof loading ensure break strength and the product’s anticipated stress levels and constructional strength have been scientifically verified to achieve or exceed your application requirements.

Custom Fittings & Annealing

Choose Sava for its extensive inventory of custom and over-the-counter cable fittings. And to promise the best crimping of your fittings, Sava offers annealing, which assures an ideal crimping result.

Discover how Sava adapts our capabilities to meet your needs

Cleaning Your Cable

If your products require special cleaning considerations, let Sava’s engineers deliver world-class ultrasonic cleaning or vapor degreasing to guarantee your medical device exceeds your organization’s rigid quality standards.

Custom Packaging

Sava’s customers often require the cable assembly not only be coated, but also inserted into specialized tubing or other assembly components. It is Sava’s job to deliver a completed product, including customized packaging. So, if your assembly calls for it to be part of a kit, inclusive of instructions or other provisions, turn to Sava. We can also provide labeling and barcoding for your products.

Lab Services and Small Production Runs

Sava’s lab offerings provide customers with a state-of-the-art clean, lean and proven production environment trusted by the world's largest and most competitive endoscopic and laparoscopic device makers. Additionally, we understand that sometimes big things come in small packages - or small production runs. Have Sava help you realize your production goals, big or small, many or few.

Meeting Mil-Spec Requirements & Long-Term Document Retention

Sava is an FDA, ITAR and an ISO certified manufacturer. So, trust that when you hire Sava, you are hiring a superior engineering and production organization with the credentials the world trusts. Sava has pledged considerable investment in ensuring our customers' design, engineering and production documentation is secured for long-term use. So, Sava is exceedingly capable of satisfying all of your production’s quality and documentation requirements.

Sava’s expertise extends well beyond the services mentioned above.

In fact, we offer the ability to diecast, provide plating and precision machining, as well as processing and finishing.

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