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A Cable Supplier that Tailors Process and Design Capabilities to Meet Your Objectives

We understand that how we supply your cable assembly matters

When applications are complex, specifications are too, and timelines are often rigid. Carl Stahl Sava Industries knows that deliverables are meticulously determined, whether we’re evaluating production run plans, the assembly construction itself, or even packaging and delivery. For these and many other reasons, you need a cable supplier and wire manufacturer that can meet your objectives in the most efficient way with their wire and cable manufacturing process - no matter the size of the detail.

At Sava, we do just that.

Our engineering, quality, production and sales teams don’t just simply supply cablesfittingspulleys and tools. Sava takes each customer’s needs, from concept, to quote, to production and finally, delivery, as seriously as you do pleasing your customers. That's why, regardless of project scope, Sava products and capabilities represent over 50 years of control cable manufacturing process expertise in application design, product sampling and prototyping, production streamlining and even over-the-counter purchase.

Carl Stahl Sava Industries adapts every day to the complex and changing production requirements of our customers. Simply bring your specifications to Sava, and watch our expert cable wire manufacturing team create custom solutions that meet your requirements. Have a look at how we have spent a half-century adapting to meet the goals of customers just like you.

Sava works with your material requirements...

Prototypes and Samples

We understand that some projects require prototypes and samples before moving to full production. That’s why we provide prototyping services for our clients’ varied application needs.

Lean Manufacturing & Kanban

We’re a cable supplier that’s committed to adding value to your cable assemblies. The Sava team understands lean manufacturing principles and the importance of mitigating waste during production. Sava also recognizes the benefits that Kanban brings to lean manufacturing. Sava’s commitment to Kanban systems reduces the costs of overproduction, while fulfilling your cable assembly needs.

Just-In-Time (JIT) Manufacturing

Just-in-time manufacturing allows us to efficiently manage our inventory and decrease the lead time required for your products to get into your customer’s hands.

R&D Manufacturing

At Sava, we cater to customers involved in research and development projects. No matter how complex your project, we can provide design assistance, small production runs, product testing and long-term document retention for your organization.

Find out which manufacturing process suits your needs, or request assistance for a custom cable assembly.