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Choosing the Right Cable Assembly With Confidence

Choosing the Right Cable Assembly With Confidence

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Below, we'll guide you through important factors to consider when evaluating cable assembly components. The experts at Carl Stahl Sava Industries are dedicated to providing essential information for those seeking cable solutions®. Choosing correctly the first time is crucial for the performance, longevity, and cost-effectiveness of your project. We've prepared the following slides to help you understand the fundamental principles involved. Each slide offers unique insights to ensure you make your decision with confidence.

Choosing the Right Cable Assembly

Cable Selection

When determining cable selection criteria, it’s vital to think about the end product and purpose. Of course, your customized Cable Solutions® allows your organization to hold an ISO 9001:2015 certification, follow RoHS and REACH standards or maintain FDA and ITAR registered status. But when choosing the correct cable for your operation, you also need to consider what is important to your specific application and Sava will help you figure out how to meet those sophisticated requirements.

Expected Performance

Another critical cable specification is the desired lifespan of the cable assembly. For example, if flexibility is required, the cable’s construction and jacketing, pulley diameters and load coalesce to determine the proper cable selection. Thus, the life expectancy needed for the intended usage involves the balancing of these and other variables. On cyclical applications, the ideal cable choice should be capable of handling at least 10 times the load it will bear under tension.


In some cases, the cable needs to be elastic and capable of handling stretching, returning to its original shape and integrity once the load is released. This is important in systems where shock absorption is required repeatedly. Elastic stretch refers to the elongation of the wires in a strand or cable. As the load increases, the cable stretches more. While all cables experience elastic stretch, the extent of stretching varies depending on the cable's material, construction, and the applied load.

Working Environment

The environment influences the product choice as well. In some cases, cable is insulated to protect itself from damage, but that may introduce additional friction, which would hamper performance of push pull assemblies. Cable coating is as much an environmental consideration as is the cable’s material itself. Nylon coated cable, for instance, must perform without failure amid sometimes extreme climates, as well as other potentially harmful conditions in which the cable is deployed.

End Terminations

For many applications, the cable must be cleanly cut and fused to maintain the integrity of the strand.  If fused ends are not required, mechanically cutting the cable ends can be a cost-effective solution. Assemblies that require mechanical cable fittings, such as eyelets or threaded plugs, need precise end preparation to ensure a secure fit. These fittings are crucial for applications in medical devices, industrial systems, and aerospace, where reliability and performance are paramount.

Get Started with a Trusted Manufacturer

Whether it’s for medical, industrial, aerospace, or other markets, choosing the right components for your application can be complex. Various factors influence selection, impacting performance, application, and assembly, as well as production speed, and cost.

Selecting the appropriate cable involves more than just choosing materials. It requires understanding all phases of design, testing, and production to ensure consistent product quality from the first unit to the millionth.

With over 50 years of experience, Sava offers industry-leading advice from concept to production. Contact us today for custom cable manufacturing and supplies.

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May 23, 2024