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Why You Need A Problem-Solving Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Why You Need A Problem-Solving Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Sunday, December 28, 2019

When surgeons use endoscopes to perform delicate medical procedures, they are not considering the mechanical cable assemblies that actuate the subtle mechanical movements they’re making inside a living person. Likewise, when the doctor performs robotic surgery, it is unlikely she is aware of the dozens of tungsten mechanical cables that are simulating the complex musculoskeletal movements of her arms, shoulders, elbows and wrists - the very motions that these sophisticated surgical robots are known for supporting.

In most cases, surgeons are not interested in the material, nor the construction and other variables that comprise the sophisticated mechanical cables that represent the lifeblood of these medical device marvels. Said plainly, surgeons are focused on improving or perhaps even saving lives, not how their instruments are built. 

At Carl Stahl Sava Industries, ultimately, we know our customers are the doctors that perform these fragile medical procedures using the mechanical medical cable assemblies that go into the devices they depend upon every day. Sava’s cables, whether used in medical devices, aerospace or anywhere else for that matter, are therefore engineered to be the best the world offers.

Providing the world’s best small, miniature and ultrafine, mechanical medical cable assemblies is the result of a culture now in its fifth decade that prioritizes listening to customers, responding to evolving needs and paying close attention to all the details. Here's how we’ve done it for almost 50 years now.

Problem-Solving Orientation

Sava manufactures custom mechanical cables, made from stainless steel, tungsten and other materials, that consider engineering parameters such as load, friction and space, but also longevity, cleanliness and feel. As importantly, Sava knows that collaborating on every bit of the design of your medical devices means moving swiftly, efficiently and scientifically through a series of production and quality progressions throughout the lifespan of the project’s run.

That’s what engineering and manufacturing your products is like at Sava. We love solving problems and working with our customers to develop the optimal solutions to their challenges, no matter how many times prior another manufacturer has said, “No. We can’t do this.” Sava knows that our customers demand experts with the experience and know-how to manufacture custom mechanical medical cables (and others) that will perform flawlessly from the first, though the millionth cycle.

Response Speed

Our cables are used in applications across a vast array of fierce markets, such as surgical robots, endoscopic medical devices and even aerospace and defense. But common among all the industries Sava serves is the customer’s need to outmaneuver their competitors. Sava knows we are an integral component of a larger system and therefore ensure our processes get your products to market as fast as possible. Any delays in design, engineering, production, testing and delivery could result in a loss of vital market share. This is why Sava’s entire process is dedicated to urgently, but carefully delivering its quality and production services.

This said, our manufacturing is configured for short lead times. By obsessing over quality and efficiency, Sava reliably avoids unexpected and unnecessary delays that cost us all later on.

Attention to Detail

Statements you won't hear from Sava’s engineer include, “close enough” or “We'll fix it later.” Precision is key. That's why, during the early stages of a project, Sava’s engineers ask lots of questions. Only by understanding and defining every facet of a custom mechanical cable project can Sava ensure the product will meet all of your design goals.

Dimensions, tolerance, fit and precision are all checked and rechecked throughout the project’s life. But even before that, surgical attention is pledged to the material selection process. As a medical cable assembly manufacturer for almost five decades now, Sava knows that stainless steel meets cleanliness and corrosion-resistance goals, but perhaps not your lifespan or temperature requirements that tungsten can. This is why careful consideration goes into advising on the total construction of your project, beginning with cable material and construction. Tungsten, nitinol, stainless steel - knowing your material requirements - is always an area of thorough discussion between Sava and the customer. From there, each project takes flight and the same sensitivity to your unique circumstances remains at the forefront.

Discuss Your Challenge With a Cable Expert

As a leading mechanical cable manufacturer that serves a host of competitive markets, Sava understands what it takes to build reliable, high-quality small and miniature mechanical cable assemblies. For more information, call 973-321-7948 or click here to find your nearest Sava representative.


December 28, 2019
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