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Sava Sets the Standard for Medical Cable Assemblies

Monday, August 5, 2019

For almost five decades now, Carl Stahl Sava Industries has led the industry in helping medical device makers get their products to market as swiftly as possible, using the best engineering and manufacturing practices the world has to offer. Our medical device cable assemblies are designed and fabricated to the highest standards, and produced within the fastest possible timelines, that combined, have set the global bar for precision medical cable assemblies. Our assemblies are used in everything from endoscopes and sterilization systems, to exoskeletons, surgical robots and other ground-breaking cable-supported surgery procedures and equipment. 

Sava's performance and delivery of high-quality cable products, especially where go-to-market speed, accuracy and reliability are of the highest importance, showcase our industry-leading expertise and dedication to perfection. With diameters customized to your needs and a faithful record of meeting the strictest tolerance specifications, there is no question about Sava’s ability to produce a wide variety of world-class cable assemblies for medical devices and applications in the timing your demanding markets require.

Advanced Medical Cable Construction Materials

As one of the top medical cable makers around the world, Sava manufacturers custom, medical cable assemblies using 304 and 316 stainless steel, as we as galvanized steel, nitinol, tungsten, Vitallium®, titanium and Inconel®. This also includes a wide array of coated, medical cabling products, using FEP, nylon or polyurethane.

Sava's medical devices are literally inside and outside of the human body and found in the products of world's most popular medical device makers. Sava can work with your strict and ground-breaking construction requirements and has produced sophisticated strands and cable comprising wire 1/3rd the diameter of a human hair, without compromising strength, rigidity or expected life. 

Manufacturing Standards that Teach Others

For medical device companies in need of over-the-counter products, Sava offers a reliable and consistent supply in pre-defined or custom lengths, bulk or separate packaging, and with or without an array of cable fittings. Sava can even manufacture the complete medical cable assembly upon request. Sava can also produce custom fittings that include all of the necessary medical cleaning solutions, ensuring your application requirements are always satisfied. What's more, Sava provides enhanced labeling and tracking for product inventory control and long-term document retention.

The quality assurance team is constantly testing, examining and validating your products, and Sava's materials, to ensuring quality standards are always achieved. Sava is ISO 9001:2015 Certified, FDA, REACH and RoHS registered and and amid a demanding market place, always ensures we meet the same expectations of high product design and quality control that your customers demand of you. This ongoing commitment to quality assurance means you're standards are met on time, every time. 

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