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How Tungsten Creates Quality Medical Device Assemblies

How Tungsten Creates Quality Medical Device Assemblies

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Tungsten is one of the most unique materials known to man. First off, tungsten is a refractory metal, meaning it’s extraordinarily resistant to wear. Tungsten also has the highest melting temperature of all elements, making it ideal in high-temperature applications. So, it’s no wonder tungsten is in high demand in the making of today’s most modern mechanical cable, medical devices.

Tungsten is commonly used in cable applications such as surgical robots and equipment where magnetism is a concern. In most medical device applications, tungsten is preferable because of its wear characteristics.

Surgical Robots

Robotic surgery is a rapidly-growing, global marketplace. This is true because the requirements for successful surgery have evolved. Today, the efficiency with which a surgeon operates can determine their value to their patients. Speed, easy-of-use and accuracy all coalesce to provide today’s patient with a perfect experience. Surgical robots make it possible to operate literally from another room, while never compromising on precision and quality. 

Behind modern surgery is the performance of tungsten cables in actuating, bending and clipping during surgical procedures. Now, a surgeon operates videogame-like joysticks and, through these instruments, maneuver precisely through the body with potentially limitless dexterity and precision.

A Variety of Practical Medical Applications

Tungsten has practical application in a wide variety of general medical instrumentation. Because the material yields great wear-resistance, it performs exceptionally in miniature cable applications used in surgical robots and other instrumentation. In addition, tungsten has found in applications such as:

  • Syringe protection equipment

  • Medical cable and cable actuated tools

  • Sensitive medical transportation containers

  • Delicate computer scanning equipment

  • Therapy and treatment delivery machinery

  • Refractory material

  • Shielding layers and insulation

  • X-ray and CT Scanner systems

  • Radiation therapy delivery systems

  • Mobile shielding

  • General medical manual instruments

But as popular as tungsten is among medical device segments, interestingly, Sava has been manufacturing seed cables for the semiconductor and solar panel industries for over 30 years. So, while medical device markets enjoy the inherent benefits of tungsten, it is an element that supports the innovations of many industries around the world.

Trusted for over 50 years, Carl Stahl Sava Industries provides world-class mechanical cable assemblies for a range of industries using tungsten, as well as 304, 316, nitinol and a host of other materials. For projects requiring tungsten cable assemblies, or any other complex requirements, contact the cable experts at Sava today. 


October 23, 2019
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