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Crimping Cable Ferrules with Hand Tools: An Instructional Video

Crimping Cable Ferrules with Hand Tools: An Instructional Video

Monday, November 20, 2023
Posted in: Videos

Welcome to our video demonstration of how to crimp cable ferrules to wire rope using hand tools. In this easy-to-follow video, you’ll learn more about the intricacies of cable ferrule crimping to ensure a strong and reliable connection is made between the wire rope and the ferrule.

Throughout the video, we take you step-by-step through the entire wire rope crimping process.

We begin with an introduction to cable ferrules, their materials, and the necessary tools required to properly crimp a ferrule to a length of wire rope. Accordingly, the video also includes a detailed look at the different types of hand crimping tools and their specific uses.

Later we demonstrate the correct technique for crimping.

Additionally, the video also features close-ups of how we properly position the cable and ferrule fitting, within the crimping tool, ensuring precision and accuracy each time one presses the fitting to the wire rope.

The video finishes with a brief discussion on best practices for crimping a ferrule to wire rope, including inspecting your work to guarantee the assembly’s effectiveness within a system. For good measure, the video also addresses safety considerations and maintenance tips to extend the life of your hand tools tools and ensure the integrity of your cable assembly’s mating components.

This video is an invaluable resource for both DIY enthusiasts and engineering professionals alike who need to ensure they perform an acceptable crimping operation every time.

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November 20, 2023
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